Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Night Special- 12$ entrees

61 Burger
Farm Fresh house made patty served on toasted ciabatta with bacon, Tilamook cheddar, lettuce,
tomato, & mayo

Buffalo Chicken Tenders  
Hand breaded chicken  tenders
fried  & tossed in 61 hot sauce served with carrots, celery, &
blue cheese or ranch dressing

Seafood Stew gf
Clams, calamari,  & shrimp in a Peruvian sweet red pepper sauce with carrots & onions

Pork Stew gf
Local pork pieces, sausage, & salami with white wine, mustard, diced sweet potatoes, & quinoa over creamy blue cornmeal polenta

Vegetable Plate 
choose your own four sides

Triple Ragu
Lamb, rabbit, & beef brisket slow cooked with wine & herbs served over couscous stuffed roast dumpling squash

Scallop Bake gf
Lentils & rice topped with baked scallop pieces, white wine cream sauce, & parmesan cheese

Trout gf
Pan fried trout filet topped with a cucumber-tarragon tartar sauce

Pasta & Farro Bake
Creamy crab & farro risotto topped with mushrooms, fresh pasta sheets, & house-pulled mozzarella

61 Chicken
Pan fried local chicken breast topped with basil pesto, crispy salami, & house-pulled mozzarella

Side Choices
Creamy local grits
Roasted beet & potato “salad”
Sautéed kale & turnips
Red potato mash
Buttered lima beans
Cup of soup
Side salad

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