Saturday, February 12, 2011

The last minute holiday....

Valentine's is the last minute holiday. After talking to the hallmark store and the florist just down the street we are all in agreement. Men wait until the last minute! With Valentine's being on a Monday, most are celebrating tonight. I guess they have an excuse since it did kinda creep up on them. Somehow they always seem to make it great. We have had twelve calls this morning from guys trying to get a reservation for tonight. Good news is, we were able to accomidate most and we are BOOKED! Hoping you all have a great weekend with your special someone.

We will be busy serving up the best the south has to offer! Everything from GA Shrimp Chowder and Red Beet Risotto Poppers to house made Lobster Cakes with an Orange Butter Sauce & Beef Wellington with a Red Wine Reduction! Don't forget about the dessert platter to share that includes red velvet cake, dark chocolate cup, white bavarian cream & a raspberry sauce. Flowers on the table, wine glasses polished and ready to go, lights dimmed....

Let the night begin!!!

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